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On being Freshly Pressed…

A wonderful thing happened to me one year ago. Barely six months after the launch of Cyclelogical, my on-line repository for thoughts on a variety of topics, I published a post entitled The Human Spirit. A short time later, I … Continue reading

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Happy belated birthday baby!

According to United Nations predictions, mother earth welcomed her seven-billionth child on October 31, 2011. If we play the odds, it was probably a boy, and probably born in either China, or India. Regardless of gender, or home nation, happy … Continue reading

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Corporate greed: the plight of Indian Alphonso mangoes and the message of the Occupy movement.

What do the spate of Occupy movements around the world have to do with a group of protesting Indian fruit growers back in the mid 1990’s? Well, at first glance, perhaps nothing. But for me, it is probably closer to … Continue reading

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Soul sport: much more than the Tour de France.

Bastille Day has come and gone. It’s mid July and cycling aficionados the world over are having to adjust their much-varied, geographical time clocks. For people who follow this sort of thing, it is the height of the professional season, and … Continue reading

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Our world out of balance: rioting in Vancouver, and for what?

So, what is wrong with this picture? We could start with the fact that it is a depiction of the flagrant destruction of public property in the form of a police cruiser. Then, we could point out the not-so-subtle spitting … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai’s custodians of tradition.

Ten years ago, I was in northern Thailand bicycling, taking in the vibe, and hanging out with a group of young artists as I escaped a portion of a Vancouver winter. My thoughts returned to that time recently, as my … Continue reading

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Reading the leaves after Three Cups of Tea.

It is a sad day indeed when our heroes fall from grace. The publishing of Greg Mortenson’s novel Three Cups of Tea provided readers with inspiration, hope and a desire for positive change; a counterweight to Bush-era foreign policy in … Continue reading

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