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The Olympics: humanity on display

As we approach the end of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, the athletes, thankfully, have once again become the real story. More than just a competition focused on results, scattered amongst Sochi’s events are the sound bites, … Continue reading

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Beyond the headlines: Svein Tuft at the 2013 Tour de France

198 riders started the 100th edition of the Tour de France this year. Along with each rider comes a story. Given a chance, all would delve into the perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, and circumstance that landed the participants in cycling’s premier … Continue reading

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Truth, and winning at all costs.

Within the span of a week, Olympic speed skater Simon Cho has admitted to tampering with an opponent’s equipment, and cyclist Lance Armstrong’s history of denying use of performance-enhancing drugs has been undeniably laid to waste by the U.S. Anti-Doping … Continue reading

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Soul sport: much more than the Tour de France.

Bastille Day has come and gone. It’s mid July and cycling aficionados the world over are having to adjust their much-varied, geographical time clocks. For people who follow this sort of thing, it is the height of the professional season, and … Continue reading

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Alberto Contador cleared of doping, but where’s the beef?

Professional cycling seems to have shot itself in the foot yet again. Three time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has been cleared by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation of doping. Contador had tested positive for clenbuterol with arguably small, but … Continue reading

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Fate and an old Miele, and I’m not talking about a vacuum.

I like to believe it was fate that returned my first real road bike to me two summers ago. I’m talking about a 1987 Miele Delta, beautiful and unassuming with its Ishiwata 022 tubing, clean lugged joints, utilitarian but bomb-proof … Continue reading

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Tuft in a league of his own at 2010 Yaletown Grand Prix

To say that Svein Tuft won the men’s elite race at the 2010 Yaletown Grand Prix on Canada Day, July 1, 2010 would be…an understatement. Fresh from a third successive Canadian National Time Trial Championship, and sixth in the last … Continue reading

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